Architectural illustration – where next?

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Twenty years is a very long time. For me it’s a career. Now seemed a good time to produce a booklet (still in production) and new website, to remind some clients that I’m still working and to show a few of the projects I’m proud to have been a part of. I’ve rather enjoyed looking back over the work. Jobs become personal mile posts, measuring memories and new challenges. It’s reminded me of the many interesting projects and clients I’m involved with, in the UK and overseas. The industry has seen many changes since the 1990s. Not just in the...

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Cornish coastal retreat with St Ives style

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Harbour Beach Cottage, 11 Mount Zion, St Ives Cornwall       If you fancy a week or so in St Ives here’s a nice handy place. It’s a restored three bedroom fisherman’s cottage right in the middle of ‘Downalong’. It comfortably sleeps 5 or 6 and is about fifty feet from the quayside and it’s superb beach. It’s set back from the front by a quiet slopping cobbled courtyard; Mount Zion. The living room and double bedrooms have beautiful views and because the house is over four floors, so does the characterful...

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Trusting our instinct

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  It sometimes feels to me that we live in a world where instinct is seen as reckless, ten year plans are the basis of successful modern lifestyles. It’s impossible to quantify but trusting your instinct feels a little unfashionable, maybe it’s just my age. I’ve been doing a bit of portrait painting and it feels old fashion at times. I’m fighting to find out what you need to do to make a good portrait. One thing I’m sure of; it’s very very difficult! I was recently talking to a friend about cooking, most people are fairly...

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Flat caps and flat whites

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In every chic London ‘village’ there is now an independent coffee shop. This signals the arrival of the bearded tweed capped tight trousered mafia. It’s an ageless trend that must send shivers down the corporate spines at Gillette, Braun, Wilkinson Sword and Starbucks. Unless you’ve spotted one of the few females following this fashion, it’s likely that losely attached to the beard is the tweed cap, the tastiest Northern import since Staffordshire Oatcakes (more on them at a later date). I looked for a ‘newsboy’ in New York ten years...

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